Closure of "Post pics of the Freaks"?

This thread appears to have been closed.

Is an explanation available?

wouldn’t hurt as a practice here for the Mod who closes the thread to be the last one to post in said thread with an explaination …so theres no question as to who or why it was closed…

There’s discussion amongst the mods as to just what has happened here. I’m sure that once more is known that it’ll either be re-opened or something posted in this thread or the original thread advising you as to just why it was closed.

thanks TimC…thats all we were looking for …an explaination…if there was something wrong we want to know what it was so we don’t do the same thing in another thread or cause any trouble…

Yep, hopefully whoever closed it will see this thread and offer an explanation.

Yeah, hopefully.

This silence is rather bizarre…and not really typical of our mods.

I´ve scanned through the last few days of the thread and can´t see anything that differs from the usual nonsense…what have we missed?

Thread re-opened ;)…no-one’s any the wiser as to why or how it happened, but enjoy. :wink:

It was not ME.

Don’t look at me. Anyways the person who closed it needs to fess up. I owe him/her a prod with my pitchfork. :bigsmile:

It could have been me…under the influence of medicines…who knows what will happen after they pulled my wisdom tooth next Thursday…I may close the whole forum :wink:

Best not log in for a couple of days then. :bigsmile:

:eek: /me is scared

Someone ban Tax by Thursday…purely a pre-emptive measure, of course :flower:

@Jester - I can safely say you can take the “her” out of that remark :wink:


Strange - but this has some traits of the Bush administration - it definitely happened - but nobody did it (or is willing to own up to it)-eh!! :eek:

:bigsmile: Just close this thread now please :stuck_out_tongue:

48hrs sin-bin? I think this is a job for our professional banning expert :bigsmile:

Tax is going to sin-bin himself?

[B]Tax, “I am NOT a thread-closer!!!”[/B]

:iagree: :rolleyes:


That’s a fact :wink:

I’d do it, but I daren’t risk the Wrath of Tax :eek: