Closing Topicz



Since there are 2 or 3 new so called msg board moderators, e.g Ruff next G. all the topics are closed sometimes already after one day.

Whats the meaning of that ?, In that way YOU ARE ABUSING your right to do that, so plz next times be more sensitive with this, cause otherwise YOU are messin`up the msg board in no time ,

Think about it !!


Warezmaffia Crew


Yeah right abuse…nononononono, only to prevent its getting a mess:

Read my motivation here:




it never was a mess when TheDuke was admin…and he never closed any topics. i think we need to be able to say what we want here, it being a public forum and all.


an Admin HAS the right to close a topic when it has to be closed for internal reasons !!

and TD never closing topics, can’t be, every admin closes a topic once just for the shit that’s in it or when the discussion has ended.

So RNG, it’s your richt m8


Thnx Redneck

So i be away for the weekend so everybody can post what he wants i’m not closing anything this weekend…


Well MR RFG, WHO give you a sign to think “Yeah, i close this topic” Because WE the msg Board visitors should be the ones thet give that sigh NOT you (ESPECIALLY NOT! YOU, for thing you posted 'bout me in the past, and where lies and fake rumours)

So again i dont agree with your motivation, and come to the Irc channel, and i’ll be glad to explain all to you!



I know you and i have a little history about some mixed up name question…me fault i told everybody then.

so why bring that up?

And why should i go to the irc channel??
post it here so everybody can see it.

i don’t agree with the fact You visitors should make up when to close a topic, it would be a total mess, there are rules made not be me but rules we do have to obey.
and that goes for you to you’re not one bit specialer then everybody else on this forum.


Look, with ppl like YOU, that have a high range of authority in here, and think they can (ab)use it, Dont get me wrong to think that i dont want you to close some topics, thats no prob., only the way how FAST some things are closed hits me (and i am sure many more ppl!!)

If you see the topic of yesterday about Rolo123 in the dealerexperience posted by Help, that topic is closed in 1 day, even before ppl that might had some info about it were able to post it, so HERE a good example of the way, your rights DOESNT meant to be !,

But again i guess you dont understand it, and if you do, think about it…



You couldn’t pick a better example thnx,

ok i will once more explain to YOu the rules.
in that forum people must post topic in english or write dutch only in the topic line.
Well Help didn’t do that so i pointed him of that fact. the nxt reply of him was sorry won’t happpen again, or something like that. so i said ok, why should i not close that one then since no one will have to reply to that. if help wanted 123rolo to react he could post a new thread in the right way and that is in english or dutch only in the topic line.

So i think i did the right thing to close it, it isn’t a invatation to a discusion.


Hmz, well

Dear RNG, should we close this topic here in coorporation now?.
I gave my opinion, You gave yours .

I ststed clear what i meant with the whole closing thing, remind it plz, because we need 2 keep this board alive, an not only filled with closed threats, but again, lets stop for now because the weather is much too good to sit behind a computer, CU out there somewhere in the sun !




Ok i shall keep in mind your words, that will not mean if i obey them, but…

the sun is shining and it is indeed to nice to sit behind a computer but that’s what i like most.

C U back on better times on cdfreaks!