Closing session problem

After a two successful burned without problem and with a good quality(PIE around 30, PIF not above 3), the next disc have a problem when on closing session process, it’s take like 10min while normally it would take only about half a minute on closing session

Ashampoo’s status message
12:06:54 AM: Preparation started
12:06:54 AM: Starting track analysis
12:06:54 AM: Track analysis completed successfully
12:06:54 AM: Preparation completed successfully
12:06:56 AM: Recording at 8x in track at once mode. The recorded DVD will be finalized.
12:06:56 AM: Pre-buffering data…
12:07:00 AM: Prebuffering completed.
12:07:00 AM: Recording DVD
12:07:00 AM: Writing track 1 Length: 1,307 MB
12:10:04 AM: Writing lead-out
12:24:53 AM: Average write-speed: 7350 KB/s or 5.3x.
12:24:53 AM: DVD recording completed

and the result from quality check with Nero DiscSpeed is really bad(I also attached the images)

I don’t have this problem before, I try a few more disc and they’re all the same affect by the closing session problem :sad:


I change the writer from ASUS DRW-2014L1T to ASUS ASUS DRW-22B1S and try burning a DVD again, the problem with closing session still persist, 10 minute on this process alone the same as before but the result scanned by DiscSpeed turn out to be good with PIE 30 and PIF 2. Then I try again but using ImgBurn instead of Ashampoo this time and everything went smoothly.

I guess my previous writer is what cause the bad quality result but seem Ashampoo is having its own problem as well, I try to uninstall and re-installed it but the problem still not solved. Anyone using Ashampoo having the same problem as mine? Any suggestion are very welcome.

Yes , my [I]Ashampoo Studio 8 [/I]hangs, locks up computer. Have to power down computer to restart. I’ve contacted Ashampoo Support, they are of no help, I even paid extra for 2 yr. support, Image Burn works fine for me though. I just made a post today under software hoping someone might know how to fix this.

Go to MS downloads and search for (unlocker or unloader) I believe that is the name for it and go ahead and run that, What is happening is that the program isn’t unloading and hanging up. Maybe someone else will pop in and give you the correct name for it if I’m wrong. Also if you go to MS Q&A you will find the answer to your problem, Sorry but I am to lazy to do the footwork for ya

I have the same problem with you. I use Ashampoo Burnin 6 free and this problem happen when I burn disk (DVD) from image file (*.iso). Closing session process does’t work, so I must end burner task :Z

Should I upgrade to Burning studio 10?

Why don’t you just continue to use Imgburn? It’s free and the author gives fast and excellent support!