Closing ImgBurn

Every time ImgBurn hangs on me, I select Cancel and it takes almost forever for the program to close and I almost have to Ctl-Ald-Del each time in order to cancel ImgBurn. Why does the program take so long to close down, if at all? Is it by design?

Please advise as I am an inquisitive newbie :slight_smile:

The program should not hang at all. What was you doing when it hang?

I was only trying to burn using SONY disc and an external Sony burner (840U).

USB connected?

In what phase of the burning stage was it hanging? When you inserted the disc? You should see in the lower left part of the programs window what it’s currently doing.

You are using version

I am using the latest version released in April 2008. It stopped respondind at aroung the 34% mark during a burn. So far, I have wasted about 15 coasters (Sony and CMC alike) on ImgBurn :frowning:

You can’t cancel / close it because if the I/O command sent to the drive never gets processed, ImgBurn is not in control.

As soon as the driver/drive returns success or failure, ImgBurn will be back in control and will deal with your request to quit.

I/O is quite synchronous, that’s why other programs don’t work - the command the system is sitting on is holding everything up. If it’s a USB drive just unplug the thing and windows will probably spring back to life. The disc will be toast but then it would be anyway.

Are you using decent media? (What MID’s?)
Is the firmware on the drive up-to-date?
What speed are you burning at?

Thank you for the insights.

I am using both Sony and CMC (Maxell and HP) discs and the Sony’s firmware is up to date with a USB 2.0 connection. I also use the max speed as recommended by ImgBurn.

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Imgburn recommends burning at max speed?

That’s interesting as I’ve never built code in to recommend burning at any particular speed!

Assuming you’re referring to the write speed being used when set to ‘AUTO’, you might like to read this…

I should have said “recommended /automatic speed” rather than MAX speed. I am a newbie so do not like to tinker with any default setting :slight_smile: And it comes out to be around 8X to 10X which is pretty good (when it works).

Could you post a burn log from Imgburn please? From main GUI -> Help/Imgburn logs

I am going to guess here that you have left the speed setting in ImgBurn the same as it was when you downloaded & installed it. Unless you use Auto, you adjust the speed setting manually. General rule of thumb is that you burn at half the rated speed of the disc. So if you are burning 16X media, you would burn at 8X. The media you are using ain’t the greatest, mostly recommended would be Taiyo Yuden (TY) & Verbatim. Describing the process you use here start to finish, ripping & burning might give us a better idea of what’s going on.

Thank you all for your insights! I read ImgBurn’s guide on write speed as recommended by the author and will re-set mine to much lower than previously left on AUTO default mode. I will also print the log as soon as I get home from work for your review. I have had a few good burns after the failed attempts so hope that everything will still be retained in the log.

THANK YOU all very much for having shared your knowledge with a rather clumsy newbie.

All the logs will be in the folder that is opened, a log of one of the failed burns would be nice.

Get rid of the CMCs - they are rubbish.


THANK YOU all very much for having shared your knowledge with a rather clumsy newbie.

With practice & help, even a clumsy newbie can get things done, trust me I know what I am talking about. It don’t get much better than getting help from the others in this thread.

[QUOTE=blutach;2060624]Get rid of the CMCs - they are rubbish.

Regards[/QUOTE]Some of us are getting very nice burning results with that brand. :bigsmile:

I also prefer Taiyo Yuden or Verbatim.

I get excellent burns with some CMC media and it can be had at very cheap prices also. I recently got some E01 at .09 a disc and they burn great.

CMC makes Verbatim.:flower: