Closing a session

Ok, I know it sounds like such an easy question, but I was forced to burn some files on a computer that only burth through the windows xp built in software. When I got hom i couldn’t see them, although Nero recognised the sessoin when I checked the media in the program. I tried to ‘continue multisession’ without burning any files to ry and close it, but it just made a new session and closed that one. Now nero saya I have two sessions, one with 95Mb of files, the other with none, and I cannot see the files in anything other than Nero’s media info.

And yes, you guessed it, I do not use multisessions very often!

Is there anyway i can save/get to the files in the first session?

Thanks for any advice, I had a good ol search but couldn’t find anyone who had messed up a cd quite like me!

Does nobody know how to get to these files? Maybe it wasn’t as easy as I thought! i will have to try again in XP and see if I missed a way of closing the sessoin or something.

Try downloading ISOBuster and using it to extract the files. For a one-off situation like you describe, this is probably the easiest thing to do.


thanks for that, I had isobuster and never thought of using it! Worked a treat.

Thanks again

You’re welcome. I’m glad you were able to retrieve your files.