Closest LO to plextor 712/716?

If I were to jump ship on Plextor what LiteOn has the closest quality to either the Plextor 712 or the 716?

I’m not overly concerned with it’s copy-protection-reading ability as I am it’s ability to write 100% working discs from existing images of copy-protected discs.


If you want to burn above 8x now, then you should really look at a NEC3500A or a Benq1620. If your happy with 8x, can wait for an update/media that fixes 12x and 16x and like all of the neat things you can do with a Liteon, then the 1633S or 1653S is the answer.

As in CDs? BenQ and NEC won’t do that correctly. If that’s what you want, then get a LiteOn (any LiteOn).