Closer look at Pioneer's HDTVs, share your experiences!



I just posted the article Closer look at Pioneer’s HDTVs, share your experiences!.

Today we compare four HDTVs from Pioneer ranging from $2,000-$6,500. We’ve taken five basic facts of every product so that you can make a choice in one simple glance. At first we give the TV’s…

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They’re all awesome panels. Just a shame the 50" Full HD is twice the price of the 50" standard HD. The contrast levels are the best in the business. Pioneer only ever quote true contrast levels unlike LCD manufacturers who quote dynamic levels which are nasty. The designs are nice too. Four HDMI is enough for most without relying on a separate switch box or receiver.


I would recommend the 110FD Elite series. It is more expensive but it wont disappoint. More Images High Res PRO-110FD 50" (Diagonal) 1080p ELITE® KURO Flat Panel HDTV High-Definition 1080p Resolution (1920 x 1080p) 16:9 Wide-Screen Aspect Ratio Deep, Intense Blacks for Unmatched Contrast Ability to accept 480i/480p/720p/1080i and TRUE 1080p 24fps signals That last part is what is nice about it. It is one of the few HDTVs that can accept a TRUE 1080p 24fps signal from what I have seen.


I own the Pioneer PDP 428XD for over a week now and I can’t say anything but praise on this new model. Don’t be confused of the lower specs PDP 4280XD. Its a bit pricey and not even come with Stand which is optional. The one that swings costs £180. But as said above by Shaolin , KURO does produces real Black. The picture was excellent I can’t compare with LCD and with range of inputs too including USB. I highly recommend it. I was tempted to splash on the PDP 508 but with speakers and stand optional you will be looking at £2,400 easy. I will match my 42 inch with the OPPO 480H Universal player.


I really hope that Pioneer comes out with new models because if they do they will slash the price on the older models like they did before with the FHD1. Maybe sometime this year they will.


I set up my new OPPO980H last night and I discovered something odd on this 428XD model. On the manual it said always use INPUT 1 for DECODERS, so i plugged my SKY scart to INPUT 1 (scart). Works perfect. Now thati have the HDMI DVD player. The manual again says use INPUT 1. So i enabled HDMI and configure it to INPUT 1. well, works well until I try to watch on SKY. gracious no more signal on INPUT 1 because it is already used by HDMI input 1 and INPUT 1 (scart) as it turned out can only be accessible if the HDMI is DISABLED! Now , How can you use SCART INPUT 1 and HDMI input!1? No chance as one should be set disabled. What a system eh? To correct the conflict I left my SCART INPUT1 to SKY decoder and transfered the HDMI DVD player to HDMI, input 4. Thank god it has 3 HDMI inputs which one can no longer be used if scart INPUT1 is in use. It got 3 scarts anyway and I tried scart INput 2 for the SKY works too with HDMI using INPUT1. Confused??? So am I!. Not sure if the 50 inch was the same.***One worry now for me is that the Pioneer manual giving a lot of warnings regarding BURN INs when viewing 23:1 films aspects ratio with the black strip on top and bottom. ZOOMing it sometimes not an option as clip the frame to fill up the screen. “Orbiter” a screen burn in and AFTER IMAGE safeguard was “ON” by default. Is this “prolonged viewing” word scare me? NAhhhhh…I own a SONY 32"LCD and no repeated warning of such. I still love the picture coming out from my KURO though :B :B and with the OPPO GREAT!!!


Anyone know when tv’s are coming with 2:35-1 aspect ratio? Thank you