Closed captions

It seems that on some movie backups (the majority), closed captions are stripped off although they appear on the original movie. This happens even in full-disk or movie-only mode and I always select all subtitles choices available.

I have no issue with the subtitles but I rather have the closed captions since they are usually displayed on the empty area of a widescreen movie as opposed to subtitles, which block the video.

My searches for this topic (closed caption) lead me to a few similar issues but no definitive answers. Is there an issue with DVD2one and closed captions? or is it a decrypter issue?

I use DVDDecrypter 3.1.6, and Nero

Thank you for having such a great program.

The Fan :bow:

DVD2One compressed the video NOT transcoded, so, the closed captions if available should still present after compresing. I’ve never lose the CC after compressed the video with DVD2One.

It turns out that my DVD player model (Apex AD-1110W) somehow doesn’t reproduce closed captions. That’s what I deserve for $75 :frowning:

I’m sorry for blaming the almighty dvd2one :bow: