Closed Captioning Quits



I have had several instances lately copying a DVD where after about an hour the closed captioning suddenly stops. Is there a fix for this or am I doing something wrong? I have been using the software for several years and this recently became an issue.

Thanks for any help you can give me.



Welcome to the forums Warrens.

Without knowing a bit more about the situation, we’ll just be guessing.

What software are you using?

Are you making full backups, or are you extracting the movie only?

Are you compressing the movie to fit onto blank discs, or are you playing from ripped files on the hard drive?

Are you playing on a standalone player, or are you using a software program on a computer for playback?


Also, are we talking about true closed captioning, or subtitles? See this page under terminology:


Thanks for the quick reply.

I am running Windows 7 for operating system.

I am just copying the movie.

I am putting the movie onto my hard drive, copying it to Itunes, and then playing them on my TV (through Apple TV) or Ipad. I don’t see the subtitles past about an hour on either the computer or on the TV/Ipad during playback.

Actually it is subtitles as shown on the choices in AnyDVD.


If you play the DVD Folder & files ripped to the harddrive on a computer media player like VLC . Do the subtittles play the entire movie legnth ?
I ask this to pinpoint if it is in the conversion to ITunes that part of the subs are lost.

Also are you using CloneDVD2 with AnyDVD ?


When I play it on Windows Media Player the Subtitles also disappear at just about 1 hour.

I am using Clone DVD Mobile


Try VLC or Media Player Classic Home Cinema and jump to a part of the movie where the subtitles disappear.

Windows Media Player is not great for playback of dvd-video.

Did you try to play the rip of the movie straight from AnyDVD, or did you play a file that has already been processed by your CloneDVD Mobile program?

The straight rip should have the subtitles intact.

Edit: If you don’t know how to rip the entire movie to the hard drive using AnyDVD, and have been using it in the background only, start AnyDVD, put the disc in the drive, right click on the fox icon at the bottom right of your screen and select Rip Video DVD to Hard Disk.


I will have to get VLC (download?). Is it better than the Media Player Classic Home Cinema?

Clone DVD Mobile has been the primary program. I open it to start the process. I guess you would say that AnyDVD is in the background only.

All files I am trying to play from the hard drive have been processed by Clone. I have always just done it that way. When should I use the Clone program then?

I will try the direct rip from AnyDVD.


I’m trying to eliminate possible errors as we go. The straight rip should play with subtitles available throughout. If you play this straight rip, you should be able to confirm this by playing in one of the media players I’ve suggested, though Windows Media Player in Win 7 does have dvd capability as well if you’d prefer to use it.

We generally recommend other players because they are known quantities to us, and we understand the way they work. That helps us diagnose issues on occasion, and sometimes we just like to show that there are other options available. :slight_smile:

Some dvds are more difficult to decrypt than others. Slysoft recommends ripping these difficult ones to the hard drive first, before trying to process them, or convert them to other formats.

The loss of part of the subtitles is a bit strange though. This is not a normal problem.

Since I am not familiar with the CloneDVD Mobile program, I probably won’t be of much help with it. I can offer you alternative programs that are free to use if you want to try them with these particular, problem dvds. First step is to rip the entire thing to the hard drive. Then use either Vidcoder or Handbrake to convert to formats that will work in your Apple TV or iPad. Both of these programs have presets for those devices.


I don’t have the Clone mobile either.
Kerry56 has covered it.
The AnyDVD rip will be a full DVD9 . The content will be as it was on the commercial DVD with only the encryption removed.
If the other media players suggested play the ripped folder & the sub titles work.
Then AnyDVD has worked & the problem is after its’ use.

The use Clone Mobile on that. If the subtitles are now missing as before then you have found the problem software. I didn’t check but are you using the latest version of Clone Mobile ?

On a side note MPC-HC doen’t like to play DVD folders from my external HDD.VLC does that with no problem.


OK, thanks. I will download Vidcoder tonight & give it a try.

I have used Handbrake to actually get the file off the DVD (in place of AnyDVD/Clone), then just drag it into iTunes like files I extracted using AnyDVD/Clone.

To Kerry56: if I can make the complete disk rip & conversion to Apple iTunes using VDC, then I would only need the other programs you mentioned for DVDs that wouldn’t convert properly? Or did you mean these other programs to use instead of AnyDVD?

Thanks, again.


Handbrake’s decryption capabilities are quite limited, so if you already own AnyDVD there is no reason not to use it. AnyDVD is the premiere decryption program available today. You just have to keep it updated.

If you are comfortable using CloneDVD Mobile for most of your conversions, I don’t see why you can’t keep using it as long as it doesn’t truncate the subtitles you want. The problem is knowing beforehand which ones are going to be trouble. See if ripping the entire disc to the hard drive with AnyDVD first eliminates this issue.
If it doesn’t, try Vidcoder and see if the results suit you.

If you need any advice on using Vidcoder, let me know. The only change I would make every time to one of their presets is to use Constant Framerate instead of Variable Framerate in the Video tab under Encoding settings.


Thank you - I’ll see what works best.


I tried to rip the DVD straight from AnyDVD.

I opened AnyDVD, inserted the DVD into the drive, and then tried to right click on the Fox icon in the lower right tray. Nothing happened. When I hover over the icon, I get: AnyDVD version number, On:1, Off: 0, Empty: 0. When I left click, it just goes to the AnyDVD program window.


Here is what you should see when you right click the fox icon at the bottom right of the screen:

Since you cannot see this for some unknown reason, go to Programs–>Slysoft–>AnyDVD–>AnyDVD Ripper. This gets you to the same tool you need to rip with, you just don’t see all the options (such as ripping to an ISO image file).


If nothing happens on a right click maybe you need to uninstall AnyDVD & reinstall it fresh. Mine looks like Kerry56’s when I right click on the tray fox.


I finally had some time to do this. I now get the drop down menu when I right click. Not sure why it now works, but it’s OK.

I ripped a DVD to a hard drive. I have a number of files with the extensions VOB, BUP, and IFO. I have tried opening them but can’t make any sense of this. Pardon my ignorance, but is there not one central file with the full movie in it?


DVD-Video is organized with three different types of files within the Video_TS folder. The Vob files contain the video, audio and subtitle streams. Vob files are divided into 1gb divisions to maintain compatibility with standalone players.
The IFO files are navigational files, which tell the player how to find menus, chapters, extras, etc. The BUP files are backups of the IFO files and exist in case the IFO files are unreadable.

So, no, there is no single file which contains the DVD-Video.

When working with DVD-Video, you should select the [B]folder[/B] which contains the Video_TS folder and Audio_TS folder. The Audio_TS folder is empty, and doesn’t always exist, but is sometimes necessary for compatibility with older players.

You could also select the Video_TS folder itself when importing into a software player or conversion program.


Thank you.

I have only a Video_TS folder as you described.

I have downloaded the VLC Media player. It is now offering me a chance to download VLC 2013. Isn’t that the Media player?

Is the big picture that the Media player is used to import the Video file and then convert it to a watchable file? Can this then be transferred to ITunes?

Sorry for all the questions.


I just imported the file in to the VLC and it fully played - subtitles and all.

Do I do a convert and save to get into an exportable form for ITunes?