Closed caption not recorded on DVD

When I record TV shows on VHS tape, I would get closed caption at the bottom of the screen if I mute the TV. But with my new DVD recorder (Panasonic DMR-ES15) I don’t get the words at the bottom of the screen, whether I mute, or push the cc button of the TV (Polaroid FLM3232 LCD 32").
Is it possible to record this option on DVD, just like VHS tape? I tried both DVD-RAM and DVD+RW.

DVD recorders do not record the CC datastream. The only way to get that on a recording is to enable the CC on whatever source receiver you are recording from. If you are recording off-air using the DVD recorder’s tuner, CC will not be seen on the recording. Consult the owner’s manual.

I get cable without box. So I guess the DVD recorder uses its own tuner. So you are saying all DVD recorders will not record CC for me. The manual mention nothing about CC. Seems like a step backward if it cannot do what an old technology VHS can do. I find it a very helpful feature when you cannot make out what was said, even repeating the same segment.

All I can say is to consult the manual regarding CC functions. The tuner in the recorder may or may not support captioning.


make sure to enable Closed Captions on the options/setup on the Panasonic DVD Recorder. All DVD Recorders copy the CC so, it should be there. And, if your using Video stabilizers like MacroBuster or, SIMA GODVD, or GREX will remove the Closed Captions so, beware.


I want to purchase the pioneer DVR-RT500, i want to record vhs to dvd, some vhs have the closed caption option, i want to preserve this feature in the dvds.

I have a LG recorder, and i cant record with [cc], but the pioneer dvr320 can do it

The DVR-RT500 model can do this?