Close the Moderator/Admin abuse thread?

Well, should it be closed?

*Sorry Mr. B. It was a pre-emptive strike. :bigsmile:

No, but this thread should be closed. :bigsmile:

I don’t see the point in closing it as soon as there are people still posting.

We’re in a free forum (or maybe not? :)) so censorship is not needed here.

Eventually it will die anyway so just ignore it!

I vote for as less censorship as possible ! Freedom of speech , freedom of thought , but don’t get scared if it’s done to you too.

And perhaps… i’ll make a poll today … haven’t made some polls in a few weeks… we need a better humor poll-morale around here :slight_smile:


I made two polls… maybe their titles will scare a little (Life and Death) , but it would be interesting to know what people expect and experience about Life and Death.

//end of addon//