Close / finalize dvd after burning

Hi guys,

I just burnt a DVD using the following procedure:

  1. I used DVD Shrink to copy the files to my pc.
  2. I made an ISO file with the DVD content.
  3. I used Nero to burn the ISO file.

Now my dvd is playing on my laptop (HP Pavillion zd7000) but it’s not playing on my DVD.

As I usually did in old times with CDs, it seems I have to close the session or finalize it, but I don’t find the way I can do it with NERO.

Could you please be kind to tell me how to do it?

Thanks in advance.

-Ed. :confused:

“but it’s not playing on my DVD.”
I assume you mean on your DVD standalone player?

“I don’t find the way I can do it with NERO.”
See pic hereunder.

If your question is “how can I finalize it AFTER having burned it”, well I don’t know how to do it with Nero, I guess someone else will answer this.

Also could be the media you’re using.
Which disc have you used (brand, model, rated speed?)?
What’s you DVD burner?
At what speed did you write the disc?

I guess the problem was the way I burnt the DVD, as I didn’t check the “Finalize DVD checkbox”.

You’re right, I cannot play my DVD at standalone home DVD.

Is there any software that I can use to finalize the DVD or do I have to burn it again?

Additional info:
DVD drive: TOSHIBA ODD-DVD SD-R6252 shipped along with my HP Laptop model zd7000
Burning speed: 2.4x


“DVD brand: MEMOREX DVD+R 8X 4.7GB”

Mmmhh. Could indeed be your media. But don’t panic yet. :wink:

I don’t remember which app offers the “finalize disc” feature, but you can do it with Nero by simply burning some more on the disc and choose the “finalize” option while you’re at it… even a couple of kilobytes will be enough!

If Nero refuses to burn more on the disc, this will mean you’ve actually finalized it and that your Memorex disc is not compatible with your Standalone player, or you had a bad burn with this disc on the Toshiba (2.4X speed with 8X rated media may or may not be successful depending on the media and the drive). These things happen… :frowning:

Good luck


I read your post and found out that I have the same problem as your. Do you still have this problem or you already find out the solution. If you do, please repond because I was ready to burn another DVD which I will make sure that it finalize.



Maybe your standalone refuses because “something” is telling it the disc is a copy and its circuits are prepared to offer you a dark TV screen and the counter at full zeros.
And if you read User manual or similar it says "this equipment doesn’t play discs recorded by other devices unless they are finalized,…blablablabla).
Not from the Iso image but just creating a DVD-Video with Nero, I know about a particular device that behaves exactly the same way… and I didn’t find a finalizing tool so far to satisfy it.

I have a DVD player/recorder that will record DVDs, but refuses to finalize them. Does anyone have a suggestion concerning how I can finalize them using my computer–I’m willing to buy software if this can really be done. --Frustrated! LOL