Close caption problem on 5005 - post 0101 upgrade



I am able to see close caption on my 5005 after upgrading the fw from 0098 to 0101. However, with the close caption turned on I am starting to see lots of letters missing from the sentence(s) and this ▊ sign appearing over the missing letters. Has any one seen this problem on his/her 5005 DVD recorder?

An other question: how come the close caption stopped showing during a pause on the play back of a recorded TV show? During the normal playing back of a recorded TV show, I was able to see the caption of the spoken words. But when I pause the play back and try to copy down the spelling of the spoken word, the caption is no longer shown on the paused frame. Any idea why this is happening? Thanks.


@silver98 - LiteON sent an email to me when I asked what 0101 did that CC was part of the 0101 fw upgrade. I dunno why they would disappear when you hit pause unless they were about to change when you did or maybe it reads them from a file while playing back. Liteon has finally put this in for those that need it and hopefully they get it straightened out soon

I know when I watch my TV and have CC turned on I see a lot of missing letters and words sometimes but never really noticed any graphic characters.


I’ve seen that problem on my old VCR, but I never found out why it hapened.


I played the recorded TV show on my laptop and I was able to pause the show and read the caption of the paused frame. May be my analog TV just can’t handle all that informations that were feeding to it during a paused frame.

Think LitON need to work on the close caption on their next release of the fw. Because I am seeing missing letters/words on my laptop while turning on the close caption.