ClonyXXL version (German) released

I just posted the article ClonyXXL version (German) released.

kingloui and RASTABT used our newssubmit to tell us that ClonyXXL has been updated again:

ClonyXXL v2.0.0.5:

The programmer for CloneCD gave me some tips by email to do certain…

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Uhhh, Olli must be at speed, to do all this action at the moment (forum posting, Clony help, Clone CD Coding) Just be back from Winter Sleeping)

Hmm, BeJot’s Homepage @Arcor seems to be down for some reason :frowning: But you can find the German version of ClonyXXL 2005 here (

I’m very sorry, but can anyone tell me how to post links CORRECTLY? thx!

you can also download it at :wink:

put your link between [ url ] and [ /url ]