ClonyXXL v2.0.1.0 released, includes separate CloneCD Profiler

I just posted the article ClonyXXL v2.0.1.0 released, includes separate CloneCD Profiler.

Yesterday we reported that a new ClonyXXL version would be released soon and today it has. Unfortunately the release is in German only but now the race for the first English version can begin…

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no english!?? wheres the support for other languages!??? well look ok but english would be better for me lol! :9

Maybe BxxxxJ should get a real site to host his software instead of placing on Tripod where they limit your bandwidth. Or maybe since no one really needs this software anymore, this is why he has placed it here. Whatever the reason, there are too many sites that tell you what the new games have as protection - there is no need for ClonyXXL.

i agree with both of you. and BxxxxJ could make his software a lot bigger then it already is if he gets a good website, and support for other languages. but maybe he doesn’t have the time or money, but thats were help comes in

I am sorry to put this program down, its utter crap basically! It detects the protection, but gives no settings! I have gone back too 2006, works a treat :wink: Anyway The German team responsible for The Scout have been working very hard and hopefully we will see the final product :d It’s in beta release at the moment RC0 Greets too all Loyal members. The diplomat :8