ClonyXXL v2.0.0.6 now also with Greek translation

I just posted the article ClonyXXL v2.0.0.6 now also with Greek translation.

Yesterday we reported on the long awaited new ClonyXXL version translated into various new languages. Now Hemispasm let’s us know that a Greek translation is also available:

Clony 2006…

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Ooops !! Really ?? :4 I’ll look into it now … i’ll try to get a mirror image working as soon as possible :9

The link mentioned above in the posting should be working by now ( ) I’ll try to get a mirror page working by the end of the day :wink:

Send my e-mail if you want to sent you tha file :wink:

You can also try this link … (courtesy of Luftlab) Enjoy :wink:

another link :d Cya LuFtLab

ok ok Hemispasm :wink: you are first (again) xaxaxa LuFtLaB

Magkes deksi click ‘‘save as’’ h ‘‘apothikeysi proorismou os’’ kai to tsakosate ta leme luftlab

exei kai mia akoma metafrasi stin homepage tin germaniki tou clony

online here: and also some other languages :wink: visit:

pikachukaki your translate he has a lot of orthographic mistakes (in Greek language always…)and a few negative parts also if you want you can contact me by e-mail for any question you have Greetings LuFtLaB ;8

The greek translation found in Clony’s page really sucks. It is a bad translation with a lot of grammatical errors. I see no reason why anyone whould prefer it to Luftlabs’ !! Just try it yourselfs’ :+

Nice work Mr Luftlab :wink: Keep on that good work. Greetings to all of you…:8

Damn lots off updates thick and fast :4 Shame the author didn’t translate the section which states the protection types, and too top it all, its says for German users only :frowning: He can translate too other languages, but still doesn’t want to make an effort and give us English speaking users a full English version. :d It can’t be that hard too do a full English version :wink: Well too be quite honest, he will not improve his relationship with us English speakers only, not until we have a full English version, and no section for German speakers only, that is not good for his credibility :8 I guess most of you will agree, whats the point in doing half a job, why not do the right thing! Greetz from The Diplomat :8 Don’t be offened by this reaction, I just want too point out you have made many versions for non speaking People like most of us in the UK, and given us half a program :frowning:

Yep i agree too !! How difficult would it be to translate at least the section with the protection types? Well, it’s better than nothing i suppose … Maybe in a future version … :4

I couldn’t say it better, Interceptor. The worst thing in this story is their childish mentality. Since version, I have always translated the whole prog in french, contributing to made it something usuable for a lot of people. Now, that they pretend to offer multilanguage support, I give them a perfect translation of the clx file, I tell the m about bugs and problems, I offer my help for further work with french language, and the only thing they have to say is “delete your version, code your own program !!!” Seems they do not understand the concept of helping the community. :frowning:

I think Luftlab has e-mail them too about the greek translation also, i think. He has send them the clx file but they haven’t still replied … Now, is this indifference, or just good old plain arrongance, i let you decide :frowning: Gowap don’t take it personally :stuck_out_tongue: it’s not just you they treat this way :wink:

Hey Interceptor i’m on your side men… By the way i think cRaZyFaCKa :wink: will take my Greek Translation in This is far better for Greek users that sending me e-mail for the Greek translator Luftlab