ClonyXXL v2.0.0.6 coming soon in five languages!

I just posted the article ClonyXXL v2.0.0.6 coming soon in five languages !.

Finally some news on an English version of the popular copy-protection scanning tool called ClonyXXL. RASTABT even let’s us know that besides an English version ClonyXXL will soon be released in four…

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Bejot is working as Olli is doing it too (;

wow, cool! someone translated it even in my language (italian), which is actually a VERY rare thing. thnx pals!

I read about this yesterday on the homepage, and I look forward too the English version :slight_smile: It would seem the author has realised that German isn’t the only language on this planet, and has given us English People some respect, and I appraise the programmer for this. :wink: Greets from The Diplomat :8

You know what!? Fuck Clony! Im not gonna bother downloading it cause the fucking thing was never gonna made into an English version…! ERrr!

if you could read english you might change your mind… lol still dont get it? (there’s an english version)

Considering ClonyXXL is a piece of free software I dont see what Hypnosis is cribbing about? Myself along with Einstein have been translating Clony since version 2003 - but we didnt release it cos new updates were brought out when we were 95 percent complete - so we had to dump the version we were working on and start afresh on the latest release… I could understand someone moaning for something they have paid for but not a good piece of free stuff… Maybe he would like to pay for my time-landline bill-and knowledge, then he could have something to MOAN at… I shall wait for 2006 come out and if I dont like the graphics etc I shall titivate them up somewhat… Auf Wiedersehen Hynosis4U2NV for the English version is coming, but bad attitudes for hard work just mean you wait that little LONGER!!!

Bad attitudes? The creator of ClonyXXL has said he never intended for an English version of the software! Hows that for attitude… Second Im not gonna download an incomplete English version… If its not all in English than I dont mess with it thats me… Lastly, Im not moaning about the software being free or having to pay for it or how much work you or the author is putting into it, Im expressing my opinion! Im tired of reading that this program is going to be released in English (Which BTW hasnt) by the author. So if you use your time and energy to translate software for the author your a better man than I am cause I dont know how many times I would restart a project because of a new version change… This shouldnt be your bag of shit now should it? If it takes you and not the author to update the translation on this piece of software than I think that attitude of the author is pretty well voiced through his actions! :r I had enough, everyone has a right to voice their opinion and I voiced mine…

Ok well I was warned off from doing a full translation of version 2006 by a remark of “Whats this shit” Ive spent a few hours on the versions since version 2003 only to find as you have quoted a new version to be released and all the efort and time both by myself and another going to waste, this translation has been totally independant of the author. As at a guess most of the translation was ripped from version 2002, for we never released 2003s version… hence graphics still in German… but irrespective of all this I think it only fair to the author to recognise his hard work… I shall release version 2006 in FULL ENGLISH including the window for Germans only Ha Ha… Possibly version 2007 will contain my graphics… ripped of course… Steve M This should bring some flack from across the water… but we have shrugged off such flack in the past… nowt changes - only time… :slight_smile: