ClonyXXL v2.0.0.4 (German) available now



I just posted the article ClonyXXL v2.0.0.4 (German) available now.

RASTABT and Nicowico (via our forum) both told us that a new German version of ClonyXXL has been released:

New in ClonyXXL v2.0.0.4:

Support for CloneCD 4

Profile wordprocessor…

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I think he (BxxxxJ) doesn’t want to release an english version at all. Look at the site, there is a little british flag which links to Insomnia’s home of international versions. I think this should be understood as “do it yourself”


oh i asked BxxxxJ to set this link. he has nothing more to do with it. InSOMniA


Hmm it seems us poor Brits will never see the light of day over an English version, does Germany hate us Brits?:frowning: He released the last version in 3 different languages, now that was not very diplomatic of the author. He really should release an English Version, our language is real easy too understand, which part of that does he not understand? :c He could improve his diplomatic relations by releasing a much awaited English version:4 Greetz from The Diplomat:8


BxxxxJ only released the german version. Other language are made by people who understood that Clony shouldn’t only be a german prog. It would be so simple if they redesign the prog with a language file (like CCD). Well, no matter. I did the previous french versions and I will continue to do in order to help people.


Today v2.0.0.5 (German) is available. It fixes some bugs…