ClonyXXL Tool for Alchol 120% - Scan and burn

I just posted the article ClonyXXL Tool for Alchol 120% - Scan and burn.

On our forum we can find a thread about a ClonyXXL like tool that can be used to pass the right settings to Alcohol 120%. After the software has scanned for a copy protection it launches Alcohol…

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Which is the best scanning engine… bla bla bla… Now it starts all over again.

downloaded this stuff. I have no idea, how both programmes work, apart from the fact that one of them produces memory access violations and tries to kill the computer. maybe that’s its primary purpose? the little information that is available reveals the author’s lack of punctuation knowledge. how can he write a programme, which a stupid computer has to understand, if even my human mind isn’t capable of understanding what he writes? anyway, before trying for hours to understand why access violations occur or what to do with the exe files, it’s much easier to start clony, scan the cd, remember the settings and then select the profile from alcohol manually.

Why would one need a scanner/profiler for Alcohol, as it aleady has profiles built in?

Like I said previously on this forum – Use CloneCD with a dependable RAW writer like Plextor’s PX-320A and u can burn all games. I’ve yet to come across one game I cannot backup. Alcohol120 — just another piece of software…

@icepax: You can’t backup SecuRom 4.8x… And Alcohol can make a backup of SafeDisc with more drives than CloneCD can.

And Alcohol can make a backup of SafeDisc with more drives than CloneCD can
Yeah right… It’s too bad a lot of people seem to forget that CloneCD also has an emulation option that even works for “no-sheep” recorders…

@GAM3FR3AK: how do you insert quotes into your message?

@ GAM3FR3AK I’m talking about copying without emulation. I thought Alcohol supports more drives, but i’m not sure.

@WRFan: So I don’t know why you get Access Violations, but if you would write me an e-mail as I worte(if you have any problems) I would have tried to help you. So why there is a not very good Readme is because I firstly only wrote it for me and then I thought I should share the program with others that want to take the protection from clony automatically to Alcohol. I maybe didn’t wrote the best Readme you have seen, but I didn’t want to use so much time for this, at the time I wrote it. But maybe you get Access Violations because you didn’t set the Alcohol Path right, the next version will get it itself, but the current version doesn’t do this, also included in the next version there will be the drive to Alcohol support. And then @ljpp: For CloneCD also a profiler exist, also if in CloneCD you can make your own profiles, but that is an addition which hopefully will be included in the program of both of us, but currently only choose the right profile for the protection that ClonyXXL detected. And is said at the homepage: if you have any problems, any wishes or if there is anything you want to know write me an e-mail:

Nice program. But how can I get it to work? The readme file was not clear about that. :c

@Crest: Hi, have you got my e-mail? Are your problems solved now? Otherwise contact me again.