ClonyXXL to Alcohol 120%

This soft will detected last ClonyXXL protection and run Alcohol 120% with proper settings. It is just beta. If you find some bug please mail me at Download Try it. :cool:


you have not included all the options that were included in my tool.
You also don’t have included yet (as in my tool - but that will come with the new version next week) that the choosen drive from ClonyXXL is taken to Alcohol.

One question: from where did you get the Alcohol-Path?

Can we work together ??? Btw. I made this program in 2 hours this morninig :bigsmile: . I found it in Windows Registry.

P.S.: I know how to set the drive, a registry entry.
But I don’t know how to get that needed drive information(some more things needed than stands in ClonyDrives.ini), I wanted to make an .ini where to store that information.

Which registry-key was the Alcohol-Path?
And how to you make the using of the Alcohol-Path with spaces possible?

Guys please you can do this through PMs !!

I will delete all posts appart from the first 2 …

We were also working with PMs but it was not on 100%. sorry

Hey Guys use the yahoo. messenger or msn messnger.

You better of, as it will be live chatiing and you can work better that way. Only a Tip I am sure you know better.

Thanks for making these tools and I hope you do good and make a better final version…

I miss the clone cd. I hope that is updated than…we will be roling again. maybe alchole and clon cd should work toghter.


Nice program! But how do I get it to work? I downloaded the file, but what do I have to to?



did you get my e-mail?
Is your problem now solved? Otherwise contact me again.

New program is out. I have started a new thread becouse it is brand new and it will be better soon. i will also change UI. Try it