Clonyxxl Not Recognizing My Drive?

Im using a Liteon DVDRW LDW451S with firmware 451_DR4GSBC. Im using Windows XP Home sp2, 2.6ghz 512mb ram.

Im trying to break the protection on this dvd with clonyxxl (version and alcoholer / alcohol 120. The problem is that clonyxxl doesnt seem to be able to find / recognize my dvd drive.

I just recently wiped clonyxxl off my harddrive so I guess im starting off with a clean slate. When I open it for the ‘first time’, it tells me to select a drive E:/ or F:/. My main dvd drive should be E: (F: is a virtual drive I think). To the left of a droplist of drives Im supposed to pick, I see: 0:0 VB1949M ZDY834Z 1.0…this isnt my DVD drive but later on this is what clonyxxl tries to use to check for protection. So anyways, I choose E: anyways but when I do scan for protection, I always get No Disc in Drive.

According to Device Manager, VB1949M ZDY834Z SCSI is also a DVD/CDROM Drive (but comes up with no results in a google search). According to DVD Decrypter, the protection on the disc is CSS/CPPM.

Sorry if thats a handful to read, but please help me set it so that clonyxxl can recognize the right dvd drive and break the protection on this thing. Thanks, if anymore info is needed please ask.

It’s a movie DVD?

Yes it is.

You’ll need a tool like AnyDVD or DVDFab Decrypter for removing the protection from your DVD movie. No need for ClonyXXL, Alcohol, Alcoholer…

Will look into it, thanks a bunch.