ClonyXXL has been continued - improved but only in German

I just posted the article ClonyXXL has been continued - improved but only in German.

The swede used our newssubmit to tell us that ClonyXXL, once the most popular copy-protection scanner, has been continued again. So far a download hasn’t been posted yet but this new version is…

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Ohhh now this is great news cant wait till its translated. :9 :9 :9

On the website of ClonyXXL we can’t yet download the new ClonyXXL version: “Gibst hier bald zum download”, and that means: “Soon here to download”. So at this moment, we can’t try it!

Thanks eblaauw for the information. I didn’t even notice that :o I’ve updated the newspost.

why do we call it SecureRom new when tehy have been saying new with it for a year. Just call it securerom and add the version. We don’t say safedisc new it is Safedisc 2.51 or 2.81.

This is indeed great news, whether it is translated or not it doesn’t bother me, as most on this site know how too use this great program and the German text should not be an issue. Greets too all. The Diplomat :8

well i did a translation of it the first time around and at first BxxxxJ appreciated it, then he didn’t like that I did that. then lanky did a ton of work on it as well, so i think i will wait for the german version and just use that - maybe. :wink:

indeed very good news. :slight_smile:

At the end of the day peeps, the German release will still be usable in that 99% of the users will know the layout ect. :4 If an English version come along, even better :wink: Greet to all The Diplomat :8

ha ha,it CLONy anymore,i saw it support Alcohol 120% :9 HOPE THEY WILL RELEASE SOON

I might do this one, as well. Of course, he’ll probably use some sort of anti-modification stuff on it. We’ll see.

everyone should know by know that it doesn’t really matter what steps people take to protect their product - nothing is sacred