Clonyxxl doesn't recognise CDdrive w ASPI layer loaded

Hi all,

I’ve got a problem w clony… :eek:

Knowing that clonyxxl needs an ASPI layer, after doing a clean re-install of win xp I installed ASPI v4.71.2.
On running clonyxxl v2.0.1.3a one of two things happen: either it crashes and restarts next time with ASPI disabled, or it ignores my Lite-On CD burner (physical drive D: ) and tells me there are more drive letters than drives (I’ve got an A120% virtual DVD on drive E: which it recognises).
If I manually disable ASPI, clony recognises D: (though not the make/model of the burner) but not E:.
Using the “ASPI layer” button Clony recognises that I have wnaspi32.dll & aspi32.sys installed and tells me the other files are not needed.

What is the problem? & how can I fix it?
Are win xp files interfering? (the situation is not improved by the fact that I don’t really know what exactly the ASPI layer does and with what it is "competing… :confused: )

Thanks in advance, FE

So. I think that clony dont need Aspi. it can work also without it. Try this Aspi drivers maybe they will work. Under download section. I am using v4.6.