Clonyxxl and blindwrite [read this]

We don’t know too much about ClonyXXL, and if somebody knows the author or if the author of ClonyXXl can contact me it would be nice.
either we work to help clonyXXL to support BLindwrite, either we will launch a ClonyXXL alternative.
I am waiting for your valuable comments

I personaly speak german, but many people in here don’t.
As we know cloney is only beeing developed in German (at the moment).
So it would be nicer to have a new programm. Perhaps make it part of blindread or write.

I don’t speak german and I think it would be better with a new program to fit the BW-style.

but as I said, it is an alternative to clonyxxl. we plan to provide assistance to users for the cd inserted. We expect to support only the more popular cd, but at least it will allow to sum up the requirement and help the newbies without even know what is the protection inserted.

I never thought that much of Clony and never used it to start CloneCD with it’s parameters. I’d take a view as to what it said the protection was and then start Clone myself.

My ability to speak German is severely limited, I learnt it at school and that was way too many years ago! :wink:

You will have to develop you own prog.
See what I have said here :

Sounds great such a protection scanner! It would be a great improvement