Clonyxxl and profiler 1.1

New versions are released.
The special Xmas part is that they have both german and english interface now.
Website :

direct links (be sure to disable any download manager or it won’t work) :

clony xxl

profiler v 1.1:


give the correct link plzzz

hmmmmm can’t seem to get it to work in english, went to the options for language and it appears to do german only, even though it said on the website it was now in english.:frowning:

I dont have problem to chose english…:slight_smile:

selecting english in clonyxxl is not a problem, the profiler just won’t have it, hmmmmmmmm.:confused:

Originally posted by Bitchmonkey
the profiler just won’t have it, hmmmmmmmm.:confused:

I do not have any problem getting english in the profiler (click options at the bottom line, and then change the “sprach / language” litsbox item)

ahahahaha! i never noticed the very little tiny scroll thing in the drop down menu, ah right got that one sorted.

ClonyXXL is kinda buggy. It wouldn’t detect what kinda protection WC3 has. Although neither of them could detect the Key2Audio protection on one of the audio CDs I have, but could. Weird.