Hi all

What’s this CloneXL program? Is it better than normal Clony? Could somebody tell me more?




It’s just a new version with some modifications. This is what I can make out of the German changelog:

Problem with recognizing SCSI devices fixed.
Various settings (?) fixed.
Problem fixed with manual settings

Here’s the German changelog:

-Proplem mit der Erkennung mit SCSI Laufwerken behoben.
-Diverse rechtschreibfehler beseitigt.
-Probleme bei der manuellen auswahl von CloneCD-Einstellungen behoben.

Please note that ClonyXL is only in German! Clony XL Final will also be in English when it comes out…



Thanx G@M3FR3@K, but does this program support the Lite-On LTR 0841 cd-rewriter?



Ehh Clony is a copy-protection scanner and not a copy program! It just tells you what settings you should use with CloneCD.

You can see if CloneCD supports your burner in the CloneCD Hardware Requirements

Greets :slight_smile: