ClonyXL Final (English) available!

I just posted the article ClonyXL Final (English) available!.

Finally the English release of ClonyXL Final Clony is a CD-protection scanner and an add-on for CloneCD because it tells you what settings should be used for each protection.



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close, but no cigar… here it is enjoy :4

I mailed cRaZyFaCKa and he has fixed the link :slight_smile:

in english…at last! :7

Cool! This coll program get update, I checked out and that is good and little better look… And good (not professional) about protections!

What is wrong? When I try to download “Clony”, after I have logged in, I get an error response and a “server response - not permitted” How can I correctly download this program??

Clony XL doesn’t work on Windows XP… Is there anybody who has the same problem??? And someone who knows how to bypass this bug???

I’m having the same problem getting ClonyXl to work on my win 2000 machine. This is the error I recieve… ( WNASPI32.dll not found. Please install the Aspi driver. Well, that’s it… I guess clonyXL wasn’t meant to run on 2000 and XP machines since they use a different driver system. Well, they need to do somthing. Granted they are other os out there but the main stream for the public is windows and you do not see many ME and 98se boxes any more… If anyone can help i would be in your debt…thanx