Clony xxl v 2.0.15 is not detecting my cd-roms



I am having a problem with clony xxl as it is not detecting my cd-roms, it can only detect my cloncd virtual drive yet it is not detecting my plextor cd writer and lg dvd rom drive. I have just downlaoded and installed the latest aspi drivers from adaptec yet still the same problem.

Can anyone helpe e please


the latest aspi versions suck thats why. you need to get force aspi from here then kill the aspi layer you have with the batch file thats in the force aspi zip file reboot and install the version of aspi in the .zip file and all will be well


ummmmmmmmm clonyxxl …if it dont start with aspi …it will automatically start without it …I have never had to use aspi with it … and yes it does work without aspi …just my two cents … cause program will default without using it next time you open it …smart enough to detect errors …


sigh clonyxxl NEEDS ASPI to run if you dont have aspi installed it will not detect your cd drives and it will not work, sure it may start up but it wont do jack shit if there isn’t an aspi layer installed.


I found ASPI 4.60 and 4.57 to be most compatible and versatile versions. And yes it does need ASPI, to detect cd-rom drives.