Clony xxl and clonecd4

i scanned a cactus data shield 200 protected ( audio ) cd with clony xxl v2.0.0.3a and it checked the read subchannel from audio tracks , read subchannel data from data tracks , and mzx read speed : 4 x
these settings should be automaticaly set when you push the clone cd button in clony xxl , but it doesn ’ t do that in clone cd 4
does it mean that clony xxl v2.0.0.3a is not fully compatible with the new clone cd 4 ??
don ’ t let it be misunderstood , this is not a negative respons for the wonderfull job the guy (s ) from clony xxl have done ,


Download ClonyXXL (it’s in german and french), but once you’ve seen the english version, it’s easy to use. Once you click the blue CLONECD button, it will create a profile _ClonyXXL (for CloneCD4) to use for the reading and writing.

Make sure you use CloneCD4 beta 21 while you’re at it.

Also, for CDS200 just set-up CloneCD 4 to read the first session of the disc. (You can use the Audio Profile for that).