Clony XXL & Clone CD


Hopefully the legend Aussie, FutureProof is out there listening.

At the moment I am using a Lite-On 24102B. I am using CloneCD (and not upgrading given the bad wrap).

I checked your Utilities Page and downloaded a copy of Clony XXL. The prob is that it is in a language *&%%^%&)@## I can’t understand. What the??? Is there an English version?? Do I really need it?? Or should I just check this site from time to time to get the prfile for CloneCD to back-up my latest games with the latest Protection Software??

Used to live in Canberra, your not at Russell Offices are you???

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Willo :cop:

To change to English in Clonny click the Optionen/Tools button and put a check next to the English flag.

By the way does anyone have a newer Supported drive list??



Originally posted by Willo
… your not at Russell Offices are you???

i’d love to tell you my “RIG” but I’m not typing it in all the time and I don’t know how to get that embedded in all my messages.

Willo, willo … you in M Block, too? (of course not - saw the melb thing). I did H Block for a while (RIP) then CP2. Hardyards is R1 and Bibs & Bobs has moved to R2. Click this link if you browse with cookies

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Thanks Portmac,

I just did that. Second related question.

Every time I dbl click on ClonyXXL it causes Win XP Pro to give Error message “Caused Serious Error and needs to close”

Then I re-start Clony XXL and it says wasn’t closed right, maybe incorrect ASPI layers. What are ASPI layers and what is my problem (no need for cheeky replies).

To access Clony XXL I just dbl click the file ClonyXXL.exe, is that right? Or have I not installed it correctly??




I never worked at Russell offices, I just read a thread, everyone wants to know who you are, your supposed to be this genius! I put 2 and 2 together, your comment “Government payed for some of your education”.

No I’m not a rocket scientist, I have too much common sense.

What is the go with ClonyXXL???


Read this thread.


Now I’m having trouble with ClonyXXL. Do I really need it? I read that link Future, I had ASPI layers installed.

I re-installed Clony with what I had downloaded and it installed version which was older that what I had before. But I used the same download, go figure.

Do I need it or am I just wasting my time with something I don’t really need?


>Do I really need it?

Not really, but I don’t recommend against it.

Between, the Copy protection List and the scanners, you’ll be good.


I went to the link you gave me. Downloaed the current ClonyXXL, still “Encounters Error” and shuts down. Then when I re-start I get the following message. I have checked ASPI layers with Nero Info Tool and it says they are all loaded and working correctly, I don’t know how to do a screen shot so I couldn’t include it for you. What is an ASPI layer, why am I getting this error??

Never had a problem like this before.


Secured Start

ClonyXXL wasn’t closed right or it crashed. A cause could be wrong ASPI layers. Clony will now start without ASPI layers. With the next start the ASPI layers will be loaded again.

I think it needs ASPI 4.60. v-4.57 also works

Where do I get it??? Future can you properly explain ASPI to me please.
You can E-Mail me if you like I can give you my personal E-Mail.

What do you do in Canberra

Try installing ForceASPI again and then check it w Nero InfoTool.