Clony XXL has been released

I just posted the article Clony XXL has been released.

Shadowman and InSOMniA used our newssubmit to tell us that ClonyXXL has been released.

Clony is software that is able to detect the copy protection of a CD. When you know the protection you…

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Great bit of software :slight_smile: Just hope someone will do a translation to English soon - my German is crap to say the least, so I wouldn’t do it justice in translation!! I can just about get around the thing now!!!

No version in other languages? Why the hell not? ClonyXL was in eglish so why not this version? That’s just stupid… :frowning:

Just had a look at this excellent piece of software, and a translation is very badly needed. So much German!! Ahhhhh!!!

Where do we get this? There was no URL included in the story, and the page I had bookmarked for ClonyXL no longer exists…

As always at the top of the posting right, the source link

No damn translation, I can’t speak a word of german! Why out so much effort into such a great program then not spend just a little more time to translate it! Anyway, maybe someone will write an english guide for it :wink:

I’ve just downloaded it, I can see if i can translate it. Do you only want button captions and menu’s ?? gimme some more info, never done something like this before… greetz

I don’t speak German, but I have been using the last German release for sometime now, it doesn’t take much figuring out what the buttons are for. Clony still passed the right parameters to CloneCD and if you dont’t understand them now, then I suggest you get help in the forum too be polite :8 GrEeTz FrOm ThE UK!

I translated it all into english. Ths to lanky for getting rif of quite a few errors … grab it @ greetz

I will see if I can hack ClonyXXL with as much as I can to english. Hope the original authors dont get peeved at me. :wink:

To be honest , anybody who knows clony knows that there will be a translation soon , too. Oh and it comes out in german first because the author is german. Be Patient. ViRuZ