Clony XL Beta1 released

I just posted the article Clony XL Beta1 released….

KiLLeRsEppL used our newssubmit to tell us that Clony XL Beta 1 has been released. Clony is able to find the copy protections on a copy protected CD, and pass the right settings to backup this CD to…

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This is a must have… :slight_smile: Now just waiting for the english version. German is still not my language of choice. :c

What’s a “Rechtschreibfehler” :wink:

Hope they release an english version soon…

“Rechtschreibfehler” is a syntax error!!! You have type mismatch, incorrect…

Uhm that Aspi driver stuff uhm does it mean i can used it with Windows XP? or do i need to get special files? so yes where could i find this? Thnx