Clony v2.0.0.2 Beta c available now

I just posted the article Clony v2.0.0.2 Beta c available now.

A while ago we reported a new release of ClonyXXL called Beta a and Beta b. Now it’s time for Beta c with some small changes. Please note this is a new German release.

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f*** that selfish german version…

Chauvinistic German pigs. Who won the war anyway? We want an international version!

You guys are pathetic with your postings. The programmer is German, he naturally thinks and talks in German, when he programs he thinks about German menu’s. He’s not being selfish, he’s being normal. If you programmed something you’d code it in English. That wouldnt’ be too helpful for guys too lazy to learn your language. He already said on his site that when it reaches final version he is going to do an English. He’s not going to waste time while he’s developing it doing translations. Get off his back and if your saying he’s so selfish then do what some other members have done and translate it!!

  1. If I program, I do it in English, though I am Dutch 2. I bet he programs in English too, or does he use something else for 'for next" and other commands? 3. He protected his program against changes, including translation.

How about posting a link to something you’ve programmed for free then that is useful to us all like he is doing. Oh yeah, and while your at it and are developing it and trying to fix all the bugs in the program, make sure you translate it to english before you release each Beta just to help you make your work even easier to do. :slight_smile:

Actually, his English isn’t the greatest. Since his site says he will do an English version when he is done, then we must believe him. Let BxxxxJ work out the bugs with the German version and when he is happy with the final product, let him code the English version. It seems fair that since it is in beta form, that he should only release it in German. I know the English version will be worth the wait.

I get paid to do my programming, I don’t work for free. I think I fixed more bugs than you, nila. And I don’t have to translate it in English, because I, like I said before, program in English. Next time, first try to read then react.

I did read first :slight_smile: What I meant to saw was make sure you translate it from english before you release each Beta. And you proved my point - you get paid to do it, he does it for free. He’s doing it to help us out, you do it to line your pockets. Point proven.

Why would I have to translate it from English? I don’t rely on the success of programs from another programmer, my programs are usefull on their own. My programs save lots of energy and pollution in the factory where I’m programming for now, everyone profits from this.

Yeah Satan, your are the greatest programmer with 100% bug-free and overall unbeatable programs. Why don’t you apply at M$? And the question “Who won the war?” is as obsolete as to mention which football national-team stays at home this year…

Keep the noise down OK, and let us all have some peace and quiet for once, after all it is a new year, and what is the point in arguing over a topic, its like being in a school playground. :8

If Satan programmed Bug free code, MS wouldn’t hire him. It goes against their game plan. That should be obvious. On to the subject. Has some people made programs the will interupt different languages for a programs that you run in different languages? I remember seeing these programs before, never needed to use one, so I don’t know how good they work. Also, there are online transaltors, so why don’t you just type in each of the menu items and find out what they are in english? How hard is that? Sometimes you guys/gals remind me of my sister, she needs to bitch about everything. =)