Clony Confusion!


i have 3 questions that are bugging me about bad sectors and clonyxxl.

  1. CLUE (hasbro interactive) - the original and the copy i made both show up in clonyxxl as “BAD SECTORS” after i do the cd scan. but when i mount an image of this game with both daemon-tools and fantomcd, they find NO bad sectors. clonyxxl instead gives them “NONE OR UNKNOWN COPY PROTECTION”.

this confuses me, especially since the copy was written from that same image! does anyone have an idea why the image shows no bad sectors and the real cd does? it can’t be something inherent in the emulator programs because i have other games like VIRTUAL POOL 3 (safedisk 1) where the image DOES show bad sectors after the bad sector scan. any ideas?

  1. CLIVE BARKER’S UNDYING - the original and the copy i made both show in clonyxll as “SAFEDISK V2” AND ALSO with the “bad sectors” checked off on the main window. but for some reason clony does not invoke the bad sector scan automatically when i select SCAN CD. instead it takes about one second to finish. not sure why it does that. but when i do the LONG scan for bad sectors, it finds NADA! it returns all tracks as “OK”, even though the main window has the little “bad sectors” checked off.

so where are the bad sectors then if the sector scan isn’t picking it up? what’s the difference between the little “bad sector” checkbox and the “bad sector” ccd settings? or is the “bad sectors” checked off just because it’s SAFEDISK V2?

  1. why do the SAFEDISK 1 & 2-protected CDs show “bad sectors” checked off, yet clony doesn’t run the long bad sector scan? how come clony just seems to skip it, or at least do it in a splitsecond? does safedisk assume there are bad sectors automatically or something?

well, i know these questions are a little confusing, but any help (or requests for clarification) are appreciated! i’m probably just missing something easy. thanks beforehand!


Well, EgoDrip, If you are using the full english tranlated ver of Clony XXL (, while doing the bad sector scan, it will tell you a small (hm!) detail - quote - " If the drive returns all bad sectors then it probably can’t return error info" - etc etc.

If you use Exact Audio Copy (the world’s best ripper?) it can check, and tell you, whether your CDROM and/or writer can return Error Information.

Ergo, not all drives return error info and get this - not all have even - gasp - error correction! e.g. some Hitachi CDROM drives I’ve come across.

Hope this helps.