Clony 2006 is finally out

Yep it is finally released. It supports 7 languages !! (Ger, Eng, Fra, Ita, Dutch, Czech, Esp.)

I am downloading it right now… when i use it i’ll post more:D

Just downloaded the file (733.5kb). :smiley:
According to the homepage the following have changed…

At the moment 7 languages. The others can be loaded by ini (or *.clx) file.
Now Clony real setup + has De installation.
Unnecessary ballast was removed… (Distiller lists .zb - replaced by web link.)
Some attitudes(settings) were improved.
No problems more by the delivery of the attitudes(settings) in CCD4.
Option 4 CCD ’ data regenerating ’ with taken(accepted).
Operation was simplified.
CloneCD path does not need any more are searched. He becomes from the active. Read.
Clony became and is still tested intensely for bow and is ever done more solidly.

Sorry for the shitty translation. The setup of Clony is in english (although it could be in german if you downloaded accidentally the german version;) )
At the end of setup it asks you which language you want to use (and there are 7 options… Ger, Eng, Fra, Ita, Dutch, Czech, Esp.)
There are some changes on the interface but in general it is pretty much the same to 2005. The tips and help tab is still in german (there is a quote at the bottom saying:“this window if for german speaking people only”) So is the protection info tab … There is a logBook tab which i dont think there was in 2005 (correct me if i’m wrong)

But still a great work!!! Thanx a lot BxxxxJ !!! :smiley:

I can’t help noticing that there is still no post on the main page of Clony 2006 being released.
Did i do something wrong? I used both news submit and this forum to state clony’s release…
Or maybe it’s still too early and all cdfreaks administrators are still asleep (just kidding! :stuck_out_tongue: )