Don’t try to help clony authors, you will only get troubles.
I have already told a lot about that (
read news ) and I’m not the only one (see above post from SirDavidGuy) but look at the argument they use :

“cRaZyFaCKa (cF)” <>
The French versioan is a hacked one!!! I hate hackers!!! The all have to crack!!! All versions will be translated so much as the others!!!
it isnt fair when the french is translated to 100% and the other only to 90%!!!

You get the point ? People do not desserve better translations because all versions have to be translated so much as others (!!!)
By the way, I think he is smoking when he tells about a 90% translation, 50% is the max in my opinion.

do not use the program if you dislike it or the authors…

all info you need can be found on this forum

but i will keep using it…i like it

oh sorry that it was offline … i’ll mirror it somewhere else tomorrow …