Hello everybody.

I have tried to clone a dvd onto my computer, but when it’s done copying, i don’t know what to do. In my output folder, there just is a lot of ISO files? And it sais that the process was completed succesfully?


If I understand your question correctly the file your are trying to copy is already been ripped in your hard drive now you have to burn that ripped file into your empty DVD disc. Use Imbrue or Nero Burning ROM programs and try burning that.


You do know this is the DVDFab section don’t you TCAS :confused:
If it was “CLONED” using DVDFab why say something about another burning software :confused:


I don’t want to burn on an empty disc, i want to have on my computer and make small video clips of it. But it’s only some ISO files, and i would be more glad if it was a windows media player file or something like that!


I got your PM and here is the answer
How to copy a DVD to your Hard Drive
1.) Open DVDFab Platinum
2.) Put the DVD movie you want on your Hard Drive into your DVD drive
3.) In the target drop down window choose the location by clicking on the button with a folder on it, the browse for folder window will appear on your screen choose the location you want the movie files to be located on your Hard Drive and click OK to close the browser
4.) To start the process click the Start button at the lower right corner


Yeah. I did that. But when it’s done burning, is just have a lot of ISO files in my folder.


When you select the target are you clicking on the button that has the folder icon or the one next to it that has the icon of a disc with a file on it :confused:

if you select the one with the disc then it will save it as a ISO image

if you select the one with the Folder on it then it will save it as a Video_TS folder with a AUDIO_TS folder


DVDFab does not produce WMP files. The Generic profile under DVD to Mobile will convert a movie to an AVI file (Xvid+AAC or Xvid+MP3) if you prefer that. The iPod profile will produce MP4.


Thank you. I’ll try to select the one with the folder ;b


Thank you. I doesn’t have to be an WMP file, it was just an example. But if i press clone, which file does DVDFAB convert it into?


Look at the instructions in Signals signature on FAB Platinum features and modes that might help you. Clone means just that, it will copy the DVD just the same as the orignal is


To clarify the explanation in the link my buddy Jimbo referred to, Clone mode produces only DVD discs (when the burner is the target) or disc images (ISO files) if the hard drive is the target. If you want a file that can be played with WinDVD or PowerDVD or similar players you will have to use Full Disc, Main Movie or Customize in the DVD to DVD modes, or convert the files to AVI or MP4 using one of the DVD to Mobile modes.


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