Cloning monitor/LCD tv with 2 vid cards. Is it possible?

I have my pc hooked up to my LCD tv via a VGA cable, and currently have the common problem that I can’t have it as a clone of my pc monitor due to differing resolutions. As such, I use normal dual monitor mode and the LCD acts as the extended right monitor.

I would really like to get a second monitor for my pc, but I only have 1 dvi and 1 vga. So, I’m thinking of getting a second vid card and having the dual monitors hooked up to that, and the LCD tv by itself on it’s own vid card as a clone of the main monitor.

Anyone ever try this and know if it would work? I’m at a loss since this was never addressed in Vista, and it’s not looking good for dual clone monitors with different resolutions making an appearance in Windows 7 either from what I’m reading. I could live with how I have things now, but dual monitors would be so nice.

As you may know there are two MAIN video card types. ATI and Nvidia. The first thing you need to know is what version your motherboard has. You can run the other brand but it would be less of an issue if you stay with the same brand. In the HTPC systems that I build for my customers I like the interface of ATI for the customers but Nvidia is ok. You can run two different monitors with different DPI’s. Just make sure you don’t buy the low end cards. Plan about 70 and up per card to do it right. You might want to loook at getting TWO of the same cards with “crossfire” in case you want to strap them together down the road to make a “super” card. There are also Video cards that will run two seperate monitors.

You might also want to check out this link. It is a freeware that will assist you in the ability to run up to THREE - yes 3 seperate monitors. The page looks like it may help you in understanding more of what you are asking.


scott: thanks for the info. I currently have an ATI card, but it’s a couple years old so I’ll probably do an upgrade and get two of the same.

In the meantime, I’m gonna give that freeware a whirl. I currently use something similar, but it tends to glitch in XP (resets my graphics driver to 8 bit). Again, thanks for the help