Cloning instructional DVDs

I have some instructional DVDs which contain addtional document files:

i.e. as well as the usual VIEO-TS and AUDIO-TS folders there may be one or two .pdf fiiles in the DVD root directory, or maybe there will be macromedia files which run at start up

IF I use the "full disc " option to copy, only the DVD video is duplicated. the .pdf files are lost.

So should I be using Clone , rather than full disc, & should that preserve the entire DVD contents and all of the menu stuctures? I made one attempt at making a DVD copy with clone & it crashed; I’ve not tried again with the current program.

Am I right in thinking that it is not possibel to manually append the .pdf files onto a dvd +R or -R copy, once fab platinum has finished copying the dvd video files


if the disc is not protected (CSS), you might simply copy the entire disc using some more general software like Nero.


Hi cybmole
Clone will copy some non-video content, hence the button to give you the option of copying “Video Data Only”. As mciahel pointed out many of these type discs are not copy protected and can be backed up using Nero (which will copy all the material). If you need to make multiple copies it is worth a try to Clone it to an ISO folder on your hard disc, then burn from the HDD files rather than re-reading the original disc multiple times.

I don’t have Nero. I do have both Roxio CD & DVD writing software.

SO should I try just copying everything from the DVD on D: to hard drive & then to a data dvd with one of the aforementioned. Is that all I need to do for the DVD to still work in a stand alone DVD palyer ?


then try the “copy entire disc” option of your Roxio software.

You might also try copying the data onto your HDD and create a data disc. If I remember correctly, you’ll have to set the file system of the DVD project to ISO+UDF. As I am not 100% sure, please check the help file of your DVD burning software.


OK - but is there a simple way to test whether a DVD is copy protected or not - like a simple software utility ? I don’t want to copy 4gb to HD using Windows Copy & burn waht turns out to be a coaster !
I thought that all commercial DVDs were encrypted , ( & that’s why we need programs like DVDfab)

These are purchased DVDs, that I want to back up, not home made things. I’me pretty sure there is some encyption there becaseu when I look at the discs with DVD shrink it gives me a string of data in the decryption status field, rather than saying no encryption.

related question: assuming the purchased disc that I want to back up is region 1 + copy protected, and I use dvdfab platinum clone - will the cloned disc then also be region 1 + copy protected ( because it’s cloned),
whereas a copy made with full disc will have had the region code & copy protection stripped out ?
I’m in region 2 land so I prefer to remove region codes where possible, otherwise my PowerDVD software gets fussy & tells me that I can onlt change region 6 times before lock-out.

If DVDShrink shows hex digits in the status box then it is encrypted and you will need to use something to rip the DVD files at least. Try Clone mode in DVDFab. If that doesn’t work there may be other ways.

/EDIT/ Clone removes all region coding

thanks - so it’s not a proper use of the word “clone” then i.e. it’s not a bit by bit copy of the original ?

that’s confused me, because if that’s the case then I don’t really get the difference between “full disc” and Clone - could someone explain please.

PS Maybe I need a better technical understanding of how regian coding is done on a DVD disc, could I have a link to a relevant thread or web page please.

Well, this discussion has been made before and you are technically correct, a few bits here and there are changed but by and large it is a bit for bit copy as advertised. One of the differences with Full Disc mode is that compression is not applied in Clone. There are other differences that you can read a little more about in the red link in my sig “DVDFab Platinum Features and Modes”. Badly in need of updating but still basically correct I think. Just Google “DVD Region Coding” for more links than you would ever want to read.

thanks for that - I read your link & understood it all I think.

But can I ask please: is there a subtle difference betweeen encyrption and copy protection, when these terms are used in relation to DVDs, and is there a good link which explains that ? I think I have the gist of it but I’d like to check.

e.g. when you say that Clone removes copy protection do you mean that it removes key-based enryption or CSS type stuff, or both ?

Reporting back:

I cloned an original DVD which also contained a .pdf file as well as the usual video-ts folder & it worked fine. Everything was copied. I can view the DVD video & I can read the pdf.

It would be even nicer if clone also had an option to remove the annoying FBI warning :slight_smile:

Hey, that’s great and thanks for the update. I thought it would work but kept my fingers Xd anyway.

It would be even nicer if clone also had an option to remove the annoying FBI warning :slight_smile:
That would really be something (but no longer a “clone”)!:slight_smile: I hate those more than rain at the beach.