Cloning Error since 10-2-06

Hi, I am a Newbie but have purchased both Clone and AnyDVD (Super excellent programs) I have run into a problem where I am cloning a DVD and 82% of the way thru the process it fails. In my many Emails to Slysoft Help they have suggested using the Video-DVD Rip to Hard Disc. Tried that but came up with the same error - “Unexpected error has occured”. They are going to continue to try and solve this problem but I was wondering if anyone out in Cyber land has had any similar problem?

Any help will be appreciated, as I am going thru Cloning Withdrawl.


Update to the latest AnyDVD. Try another DVD. Also try AnyDVD with DVD Decrypter. Finally, see if you can copy the VIDEO_TS folder from the DVD to the HDD with AnyDVD running in the background.