Cloning DVDs

Ok. Last question. Is there a program out there which clones and burns DVDs, decrypts copyrighted material, and converts flv files stored on my harddrive to DVDs? After this I’m done. I swear. LOL.

Thanks everybody for the helpful advice. :smiley:

I don’t know of one program that can do all of that stuff, but clone dvd, clones and burns dvd’s if not copyrighted.

alcohol 120% can make image from copyrighted material if copyright is known like secure rom, so you must have orginal dvd. And alcohol can copy and burn dvds.

cucusoft is a excellent converter.

you are already using AnyDVD for on the fly decryption. you have DVD neXt COPY for doing the dvd copy and burning. as already suggested you have two really good programs.

i use dvdfab platinum for dvd decryption, ripping and imburn for burning.

since you already have AnyDVD try dvd shrink for ripping and ImgBurn for burning. or Slysoft recommends using CloneDVD with AnyDVD for ripping and burning.

i would suggest converting the flv files to avi and burning a cd-r for viewing on a standalone dvd player which is DivX compatible. the process to convert to dvd would take too long and the quality would be horrible anyway.

Oh I thought someone said those programs were better for backing up discs that’s why I thought I’d post this question. Thanks for the input I will check it out.