Cloning DVD w/o writing to hard drive?



Hello, I was wondering if you can clone a dvd by having Clone dvd write directly to the dvd without having it save the ripped files to the hard drive first? When I use my EasyCD Creator to duplicate the disc, the copying time is 1/2 the time of Dvdclone because it doesn’t save nothing to the hard drive. it just copies it from the dvd on the fly. But I prefer to use CloneDVD because you can leave out certain parts of the dvd. Any help would be appreciated!


The search button is a useful tool… :slight_smile: and welcome to the forum!


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The search button is a useful tool… :slight_smile: and welcome to the forum!
Did you click on the link I provided? :slight_smile: It directs you to the answer :wink:
Actually you can burn dvd-5’s (single layer dvd’s) on the fly. Just put your dvd you want to copy in the reader put a blank in the writer. Make sure anydvd is running then start clonedvd. Next select the option that says write existing data. Next find your dvd reader drive letter and browse to the VIDEO_TS directory, next select your dvd writer on the right side of the window then click on go

I’ve done this and it works just fine as long as the dvd isn’t scratched to badly.

DVD-9’s (2 layers) can’t be done this way sinse the files have to be re-muxed to make it fit on a 4.7g dvdr.
>When I use my EasyCD Creator to duplicate the disc, the copying time is 1/2
>the time of Dvdclone because it doesn’t save nothing to the
>hard drive.

These must be DVD-5 discs, because as is pointed out, anything over 4.37GB is transcoded (reduced in size in this case) has to be re-muxed, the IFOs re-parsed blah blah blah. I have explained the blah bit below.

MUX - Multiplexing

Usually video and audio are encoded separately (audio is usually untouched during transcoding). Then you have to join both of them to make a movie that you can play (you can of course play audio and video separately in two players but to get synch would be rather hard). During multiplexing the audio and video track are combined to one audio/video stream. The audio and video stream will be like woven together and navigational information will be added so that the player can example fast forward/backward and still retain synch audio/video. In simple terms? Multiplexing or muxing, when speaking of video and video editing, means basically a process where separate parts of the video (or ‘streams’ as they’re called in video terminology) are joined together into one file.

IFO Parsing

IFO parsing refers to reading through the IFO file and extracting the information needed to manipulate the VOB files that the IFO files “control”. DVD players are able to parse the IFO file, hence provide things such as menus, subtitles, languages controls - if they simply read the VOB files without parsing the IFO file, then none of these controls would be available.


IFO files contain the formatting information of the VOB files, which tells the DVD player exactly how the DVD should be played (eg. aspect ratio, subtitles, languages, menus etc…). BUP files are backups for IFO files, which are needed if the IFO files gets corrupted. If you rip the DVD without IFO files, then the VOB files may not play correctly, or may not even play at all. Similarly for conversion, IFO files are essential since video converters like CloneDVD (which supports IFO parsing) will need them if you want to encode videos, or fix multi-angle ripping problems.

I can understand you wanting to do it on-the-fly. My PIII-933 takes over 40 minutes to read. My XP2600+ takes 14 minutes or less :smiley: I’ve never seen my PII-400 finish before bedtime yet :wink:


I didn’t see a link pertaining to why clonedvd has to cache to hardrive first and how to disable it… all I saw was… The search button is a useful tool… and welcome to the forum!

I personally use dvd decrypter… I don’t know if it would work with that or not… but I may try…
So it sounds like you start the decrypter first… or in your case “anydvd”… and then start clonedvd on the first file it creates… knowing that it will outrun your burner and you will be ok… ?


There’s nothing “cached”. You’re not reading the responses and if you are, you’re not understanding what actually happens.