Cloning a multisession CD



Is it possible to make a copy of a multisession CD with CloneCD? Or a mixed-mode CD? How do you do it? [And can you do it with Nero?]


Usually multisession discs are burned by a private user; then they don’t contain copy protections. So, to copy a multisession disc is not necessary to use CloneCD: it is sufficient to copy all files on HDD and then burn on a new CD. If your system is fast enough, you can do an “on-fly” copy using nero. Choose a slow speed to do an “on-fly copy” (max 8x) to avoid too many buffer underrun during burning.

If you want to do a try only to avoid to waste a disc, you can choose use a rewritable to do an “on-fly” copy.

Hope this can help


So you’re saying that CloneCD didn’t bother with that possibility? I have actually some copyrighted CD’s which are multisession (The 7th Guest) and mixed-mode (Encyclopedia Brittanica). I tried to do a CD-to-CD copy with Nero on a multisession CD I originally created with Nero (!), and though the burn was flawless and I can see the tracks with Isobuster, the CD doesn’t work (isn’t recognized by Explorer).


Scan your CD’s using aray scanner so we know the protection (if there’s any) and post your result here.


Sorry for mistake. :doh: Mine was not a statement. I sayd that usually multisession discs are self-made. Obviously, if a CD have some form of copy-protection you need a software to bypass this protection.

My suggestion was that for a self-made multisession CD is not necessary to buy a software like cloneCD because nero is sufficient.

Hope this clarify my post :slight_smile:


[04:35:34] — File(s) Scan Finished [57.60s] —

It also said the CD had 2 data tracks and 0 audio tracks.

This appears to be a CD without copy protection, correct? It should, as it’s quite a few years old. So the only problem is the ability of CloneCD (or Nero) to make a perfect copy of a multisession CD. Can anyone help with that?


CCD and Nero can both make a copy of your CD, regardless of it being multisessioned. Just try it.