Cloner v3.0.2 available for download now

I just posted the article Cloner v3.0.2 available for download now.

A new version of Cloner has been released. This software has recently been announced on our site and attracted already some major attention:

Release Notes: V 3.0.2

A new…

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Can this program make a copy of new SD 2.51xx on Plex 24 without any patch prog like BetaBlocker ? What about Tages ?

Cloning Dreamcast cdrom’s??? Since when are they playable in a cdrom or dvdrom device ???:4:4

I stil will never trust this. It ****ed up my computer.

hmm looks like I will have too do some testing now, I can get hold of an original copy off FF IX for the playstation, will post my results later. Greets from The Diplomat! :8 Great the webpage cannot be found! ggggggggggggggggrrrrrrrrrr :frowning:

HAHAHAHA!!! Another program claming to do real 1:1 copys of psx dreamcast or whatever. First of all the bootsheme on sony protected PSX disc are not readable without modifying the firmware of our CD drives, so lets say it can copy cds unless they can be read completely( i mean all data stored on it) and thats today not possible as long as ur a skilled cd rom firmware hacker and knows everything about this protection sheme. So lets say its pure shit they talk, but who cares, its horrorsoft. The name says all. :d cheers!

i’ve read a HUGE article on cdr-info about copying DC GD-Disc, and after that i don’t think it could be done just with a new app… :R

ok so it copies SubChannel data without fixing its CRC… thats all that is needed for extra protection on PSX of course the bootsector on PSX cds most likely wont be circumvented by the app.

Like I said already, are u lot DUMB! I will test the so called claims by this app and will post the results. I will copy an original psx game and try in on one without a chip. Just have some patience for christs say! :4 Greets from The Diplomat :8

Tom909 you are an idiot. It says nothing about making PSX backups which don’t require a mod chip. What is means is that you can copy PSX games with it. But of course you will still need a chip/cartidge to play them. Also as for DC games, I think he’s referring to cracked ones, on CDR, not the originals.