CloneMobile WISHLIST

-Multiple CPU Processor support
-Batch transcoding support
-Updated profiles to support: Divx Pro 6.4 (Divx Ultra media certified),
Mpeg-4, WM, AVI-so we can pick/configure our own codecs installed on our PCs, Xvid, latest etc…


Will Slysoft Support upcoming Windows Vista (all versions) and 64-bit?


researching Slysoft’s CloneMobile Manual, which by the way NEEDS to be updated to explain all the different profile settings/ formats supported, that MP4 is supported…

Does this mean it is a Mpeg-4 file?

I guess what I’m wanting is to transcode a DVD video or any media file format to Mpeg-4 files for viewing on a TV. a Profile for Mpeg-4 (720x480 NTSC)?

Other ideas: High Definition support? :slight_smile:

sorry I’m newbie

Multiple CPU Processor support won’t be added, at least for the time been. Mobile uses mencoder which does support it but doesn’t gain much speed from multi thread’s. Also PSP doesn’t like files made from multi thread created files. One of the Slysoft Team Members has said this.

The thing about Divx and other codecs is that they are not licenced to use them which is why they are using mencoder. Seeing as they are installed on your PC i don’t know maybe they can.

Batch transcoding could be useful but its main goal is DVD to select mobile format.

Here is the Post

My wish list:

  • 2-pass encoding in MPEG4 and H264
  • H264 support for iPod profiles.

Overscan setting for Divx/Xvid as there are some dvd that do not fill 720x480 and have some underscan to the edges.

If there could be an option for this that would be great!

I forgot some thing in my wish list.

  • Option to increase the volume (some DVDs have too low volume)
  • Option to increase the brightness.

I have a Archos 504 which supports a number of codecs.

Therefore I would like a good custom option in CloneMobile that allows for more flexibility:

  • which codec (H264, DivX, WMV, MPEG4 etc)
  • various resolutions
  • Quality

I don’t think from what I have seen that it currently has this flexibility.

  • Ability to encode multiple audio tracks into a single AVI (like Divx Converter supports) so we can listen to regular and e.g. commentary audio without needing two files. :slight_smile: