Clonemobile Support for the Zune Coming?

Any chance we could see support for the new player? For native support of the Device the file must be in .WMV format with .WMA Audio, the Zune software can convert H.264 and Mpeg 4 but it takes awhile. Here’s the Specs

WMV 7 &8
Max Vid Bitrate 736. 800 With Audio/video combined

WMV 9 Simple, Main, Advance Profile
500kbps-1500kbps Video
Up to 1692 Max Bitrate Audio/Video Combined

Vids in this format with WMA Audio will sync without any conversion, a huge timesaver.



I second this request!

This document will show you how to rip DVD movie to Zune video format and the easy way to put DVD on Zune. After these jobs, you can watch the DVD movie on the Zune. Here we recommend a dvd to zune tool, called dvdxsoft DVD to Zune Converter from . This tool will help you rip dvd movie to Zune format files quite easily!

How to rip DVD to Zune Video Format through dvdxsoft DVD to Zune Converter?

  1. Download the fastest DVD to Zune Ripper software dvdxsoft DVD to Zune Converter from , and install this software.

  2. Insert any DVD disc into your DVD-ROM and launch dvdxsoft DVD to Zune Converter. Click “Open” button button to load DVD and show chapters in list box.

  3. Select chapters, audio, subtitles from listbox you want to convert.

  4. Click “Output folder” button to select an output path, or you can use the default path:, select output format and resolution.

  5. Click “Convert button” to Start convert and rip DVD format to Zune video

  6. When Converting is finished, you can directly put the converted video to your Zune. Just enjoy your favorite DVD movie on your Zune.


I have been trying to tweak the devices.ini file to no avail… seems to desire conversion. Only thing I can think of is that it’s the audio that’s hanging me up. The problem seems to stem from the lack of full WMV support (that I can tell) from the MEncoder/MPlayer… as far as the audio side. If someone can figure the audio portion out I have done the video portion. Why do Open Source apps so poorly documented!?

the zune’s from microsoft - you don’t really expect them to open their formats for other people to use, or to use standard formats do you?

the zune’s as closed as the ipod, maybe you should have got an archos…

You know it’s comments like yours that really get on my nerves. This is a ZUNE thread not a buyers guide for Archos thread/CloneDVDMobile for Archos. :a

The simple fact is CloneDVDMobile CAN export to many formats AND you CAN import movies into Zune just fine with other 3rd party applications without it invoking Microsoft’s conversion software in sync.

We are trying to get our particular app working within Zune framework.

Microsoft did NOT create some fancy locked format (that you implied) like the iPod that only the Zune software can work with. This is simply an issue of exporting a file with a set list of settings/format that is required to play on it. WMV video files matching these settings can be exported to the Zune WITHOUT CONVERSION-which is what we’re working on. I have already posted a message on Zune Insider regarding stardard formats w/out conversion.

Ya dig? If you can’t be constructive go to another thread. We’re trying to make CloneDVDMobile BETTER and our life easier.


Peer is Mr. “mobile” so he should know better, but the problem is that CloneDVD mobile currently lacks WMA support (WMV isn’t a problem).
If you know of a Zune “native” file format which doesn’t use WMA let us know. He’ll be happy to implement it, right Peer? :wink:

After me grumpin’ and all I dug a bit more… Found a link off and this to me answers it all…

From what it reads it seems native non-conversion support for the Zune device is WMA only-so the software will support multiple formats the actual device needs downsampling/conversion in order to play on it.

All my digging on mplayer .hu site documentation says mencoder.exe does NOT support exporting into WMA only mp2, mp3, aac, and pcm… I’ve tried loads of combinations and none of it seems to make it happy.

So I don’t know how we’re going to work it. :doh:

I Would Say we’re SOL with Clonemobile and Zune Support, time to keep looking

Yep, my fingers are itching to… :iagree:

Just got my zune but I would be interested in getting clonedvd mobile as this would give me the complete slysoft collection of software. I never buy the package deal as I don’t know if I’ll need it. However I plan on getting an Ipod soon as well.

I am absolutely p*ssed that Microsoft only supports their own propietary WMV/WMA format with Zune.

IMHO Microsoft should stick themselves the Zune in a place, where the sun never shines, and I feel deeply sorry for all those who bought this peace of crap. Why didn’t you get a player that works like the Archos?

Nevertheless, due to popular demand we will add Zune support to CloneDVD mobile. Poor Peer. :bigsmile:

One good alternative to CloneDVDMobile is DVD Catalyst. It lists the Zune as one of the formats it supports.

As I don’t own a Zune I have not tried it; but have used it for other format conversions.

Funny James. Yes popularity will always make sales rise. I was at best buy Sunday and their parking lot was full due to the blow out to sale windows vista.

@jlc1978 Zune will play the movie format of ipod too. Plus the link doesn’t have any support for the zune player so I’ll pass. SS is on it so I will patiently wait.

That’s fine, I’ve been very happy with Slysoft’s products as well. While the main page doesn’t list the Zune it is supported in the program; one of the format choices is the Zune. (I checked on my copy)

One user’s comments (and the developer’s frustration with the Zune) can be found here:

Or you can just rip the DVD to your harddrive and then use AutoMKV until Clone Mobile is working for it.