Clonedvd's inconsistant



I’am using anydvd and clonedvd. Now anydvd works great no problems what so ever,but clonedvd is a different story. There are times when it works ok,but for the most part my dvd’s haven’t been coming out at all. Clonedvd will burn all the way up to when it says “FLUSING BUFFERS AND WRITING BORDERS” it does that for a very long time then when it says write is complete i put it in the dvd player and i get disc error. What is the program doing when it says flushing buffers writing borders. If it doesn’t do this for a long the movie is copied fine. I’ve thrown away a lot of blank dvd’s because of this, and even though the price has come down a bit they are still to much to be throwing in the trash. I wrote this in another forum and the answer i got was that i need to turn off anything that might be running in the background. Well i was tring to copy the movie taxi i went to run,msconfig and i turned off everything i could. the movie still didn’t come out. Could this be my burner. i’am using a liteon burner the model is “DVDRW SOHW-812S” I also have a sony burner to i’am thinking about switchin the two to see if it’s the burner or not. Is anyone else having this kind of trouble with this program. thanks


Its not the first I’ve heard of it, but it is uncommon. What version are you using? Try the current Clone DVD if you havent already got it. Also what brand media is it? Media could be the problem, and generally is.


thanks for your comment. I’am using the most updated version of clonedvd. the disc are sony’s dvd-r and fujifilm dvd-r. but there not my favorites. the ones i like to use the most are the verbatim disc dvd-r. i’ll get some of thoses and give them a shot. thanks again


I would not use MSCONFIG… Download ENDITALL and run this program PRIOR to launching AnyDVD and CloneDVD.