I use CloneDVDmobile to rip movies. CloneDVdmobile gives you the option of Deinterlacing or not - Should I choose to do this and does this make a difference when playing them on a TV?

What about resolution - how much difference does 320x240 vs 640x480 make when playing on a TV?

Depends on the source material. With movies which ran in theatres (most of the DVDs) choose no. With shows produced on film (e.g. Alias) choose no. If you aren’t sure, choose yes.
With shows mad for TV (Sports, News, Pornos) say yes.

A lot. :slight_smile: 640x480 is 4 times as much pixels.


So that I understand it better, if I were to deinterlace a movie that did not need it, what effect would this have on the outcome? Would it just take longer or would there be some change in quality?

the file size would increase