CloneDVDmobile only 1 hour 15 minutes

When I converted my DVD collection to .divx via CloneDVDMobile I noticed that EVERY ONE of my rip’s only show approx 1 hour and 15 minutes of play time. When I use Divx player 6.1 it will continue to play past that 1:15, but WMP stops at 1:15.

I just converted 50+ DVD at about 40GB of space but I cannot play ANY of them on my MCE 2005 due to the time lenghth.

Can anyone help? Did I miss anything?

I rip with these options:

Audio: Dobly AC - 3/6
Resolution: 640x360 (changes depending on the WS/Full screen movie)
Video quality: 33
Type: .avi


i can’t help you, but i do know that this was addressed in another relatively recent thread on clonedvd mobile. maybe try a search?