CloneDvdMobile Help Plz - Ripping movies for iPod



[1] I am using at the moment Clonedvdm and recently i ripped some movies with 320x180 and then at 640x360… while watching i noticed in some parts of the movie 640x360 ripping was more vibrant then the one with 320x180.

Now, as the iPod classic is having only 320x240 screen, do i need to rip in higher resolution…

Which resolution will give me the best possible quality to watch on my ipod.

PS: I have no intention to watch any movies on TV.

[2] I am using ipod classic 80gb, so which profile shall i select?

1] ipod video
2] ipod video 5.gen (hires)

Also, only on ipod video 5.gen, i get an option to rip at 640x360…


If your device’s native resolution is 320x240 that is all you are going to get, that’s the device’s capability and any higher resolution is wasted file size and time given that you aren’t going to display on the TV. For the highest viewing quality, slide the quality slider up and take 2 or 3 passes at 320x240. I think 5th gen is what you want but I’m not sure about that:confused:. You might do a chapter or two on each one and see which is best for you.


More views and comments will be appreciated… :slight_smile:


[QUOTE=craige4u;2089810]More views and comments will be appreciated… :)[/QUOTE]

No you got the whole story the first time.:slight_smile:

Anything else but the native resolution is just chewing up your drive space unless you also intend to hook the iPod up to a large screen TV or want to watch on your monitor as well.

According to the guys at Handbrake the gain from more than 2 passes just isn’t worth the time and, having tried it, I’d say they’re right.
Another point to ponder, Handbrake uses one pass for iPod pre-sets.

I use an iPod high-res setting with 2 pass encoding but that’s because I watch the same rip on the iPod Touch or my monitor (and I intend to hook up the iPod to a TV as well.).
Those reasons make it worth the extra time and the drive space.

edit : Basically you don’t need the 640 just to watch on the iPod.